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The Commuter Suit Defined

You don’t start your commute in a mini-van. You don’t end it at the same place every day. At Parker Dusseau, we recognize and account for every possibility that the day could bring. We seek out spontaneity. We challenge ourselves to go anywhere. From the bedroom to the boardroom to the beach, and beyond.

Introducing the Commuter Suit, by Parker Dusseau. Well-tailored, breathable and designed for adventure. A flexible, durable fabric, cut with style and innovation. The exterior fabric is a Super 135 stretch merino wool with a DWR finish. It is truly an elegant fabric that is as sharp as it is functional. The performance qualities of wool are well known: it is naturally anti-microbial (it doesn’t hold odor), it is great at regulating your temperature (cool in the heat, warm in the cold) and it also retains its insulating properties when wet.
The Jacket:
We’ve lined the jacket with a poly tricot mesh that contains 28% spandex. The photo above also does a good job of showing you the texture of this liner. Not only does it breathe, it also wicks moisture away from the body, exposing to the merino wool which in turn also wicks away moisture coming off the body, allowing it to evaporate all together. The liner is sewn into a pleat in the back of the jacket, allowing the user to reach, stretch and hug without any tightness or resistance across the typical resistance points in the shoulders and back of the jacket. A photo of this feature is shown below.

We’ve also added a hidden reflective trim which is sewn onto a begonia colored strip, adding a pop of color to both the color and functional sleeve plackets.


What’s the point of hidden reflective trim? It’s optional: pop the collar and roll back the sleeve plackets at night, tuck them away during the day. After all, who wants to trounce around with glaring reflective tape all over their clothes? Not us.

Additionally, we’ve added a discreet, reverse coil zipper in the upper arm of the suit jacket, providing ventilation on those hot days when your normal suit jacket has you panting like your favorite terrier. The zipper has a locking pull tab (so it doesn’t dangle) and the reverse coil leaves a flat and smooth finish when the zipper is closed.

The Pant:
Everyone knows that one of the key elements in anyone’s bike to work arsenal is a quality commuter pant. It is essential when it comes to cycling apparel. Made out of the same fabric as the Commuter Suit Jacket, the Commuter Suit Pant has several key features. To start, we’ve made sure to add a gripper waistband which not only keeps your pants from falling down your back, it keeps your shirt tucked in. Our waistband really does the trick, employing two strips of gripper material to make sure you are strapped in tight.


Next, we’ve added a crotch gusset which is cut on the bias. On the what, you ask? A bias cut is when the fabric is cut diagonally, allowing it to stretch and move. Remember, this fabric has a small amount of spandex already. Yoga in suit pants anyone? This portion of the pant is also sewn with a single needle chain stitch, which makes it incredibly strong. The goal? No more crotch blowouts.

To keep the pants out of your chain, we’ve included a simple but effective cuff solution, shown below. It is adorned with reflective trim and an elastic strip to make sure it’s snug. Fold back, pull over, button. Lather, rinse, repeat.

For reflectivity in the rear, we’ve added welt pocket flaps with 1/8” reflective piping sandwiched into the seam. Pull the flaps out and you’re seen at night. Tuck them in and it’s your little secret.

In limited quantities, the Commuter Suit is offered in both Navy and Charcoal. Purchase now and you will receive a complimentary pocket square while supplies last.
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